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Having Problems?  The Gold Diggers Game is very easy to use!  If you have not already signed up for an account, do here HERE.  The first thing you will notice upon signing up is that you must LOGIN to your account.    You login to your account using your chosen EMAIL ADDRESS and PASSWORD.  Do not lose this information

Playing the game is just as simple as signing up.  When you LOGIN to your account you will see a screen similar to the one below.


This is the PLAY screen.  This is where you DIG for gold and receive your color coded hints.

You will notice that your curser will place a red X over any square that you hover your mouse over.  This indicates where you are about to dig.  To dig in this location simply click the mouse.

You will be given a confirmation if this is the desired location to dig.

You will then be brought to a CONFIRMATION screen that tells you what was found in that location.  In this case -- 11 Credits were found!

Now when you return to continue digging you will find a 'Color Code' placed in your last digging location.  This color gives you insight to what surrounds the location that you have dug.  The more credits -- or gold -- in that surrounding area -- the better the color.

As you can see in this example -- there are only dirt and rocks surround the area so I would want to continue searching for better locations before digging. 

Every time you DIG -- your also scattering gold across the map.  So just because there are only rocks there now does not mean there will be only rocks there in the future -- however it is good to keep track of what areas your digging for the day.

Exchanging and Receiving More Credits

When you have found your treasure -- simply make a 'Withdraw' and you turn your credits into cash.  If you run out of credits -- you can use 'My Account' to quickly deposit more -- and they will instantly be available to play.

Logic Based On Skilled Gaming

In this game -- there are no 'odds'.  Your gambling that your skill is greater then other players and that you will be able to find gold.  When you locate areas that are gold rich you will need to follow the trail, calculate the proximity of the area, and correctly determine -- using math and a process of logic elimination -- which squares have the most gold.  For every play a SET amount of the cost to dig will be redistributed back to the map (up to 95%) -- leaving the site to earn a very small % of the dig credits.  This ensures everyone has the greatest possibility of doing very well in this game.


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